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David Colbert

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David Colbert


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Studio Location  
76 Warren Hill Road
Cornwall Bridge CT 06754
United States
860 672 0064
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Studio Hours
8-6 M-S
Mailing Address
76 Warren Hill Road
Cornwall Bridge CT 06754
United States
Artist's Statement
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I find inspiration most of all in nature. Witnessing: radiant light deepening in mountains with darkness coming on; thick drifting sunlit mist slowly burning off serene lakes; swirling clouds nearly hiding jagged mountain peaks; desert sand dunes at dusk reflective as etched glass; heavy snow; fog; barely seen mist rising up a valley. Is it there or is it not?

I feel drawn to uncertain and mysterious qualities of light and space. I work with polished or colored simple geometric forms. What emerges from the juxtaposition of these forms is revealed in all its complexity with time and changing light.


David Colbert
CLASS: Sculpture
CATEGORY: Abstract
MEDIA: Stainless Steel
SIZE: 58x112x48
YEAR: 2005
PRICE: $28,000

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